Dear Fellow Humans,

You want to talk about personal transformation? At my lowest, I was a cigarette-smoking, regular-boozing, broke, soft, flabby, in-daily-pain, part-time waitress at a grease-soaked shrimp shack. I had no clear direction. I had very little optimism left in my tank.

And then, I met Scott, and he gave me a 90 day yoga challenge.

“Do yoga every day for 90 days, and I bet most of your problems will have disappeared by the end of it.”

I was skeptical. Yet, I was so desperate for change, I was willing to give it a try. A little yoga couldn’t hurt, right?

And you know what? It worked, in a much bigger way than either he or I imagined. My new good habit of yoga pushed out many of my old bad habits. Yoga kickstarted my mojo, and led both Scott and me to discover and develop our dream lifestyle.

Then, some of our friends saw what we were up to, and joined us. They’ve taken some of the lessons of yoga, applied them to their lives in a personalized, unique way, and seen their own tremendous changes for the better.

We all believe it can work for you, too.

It’s pretty darn tough to make lasting changes in our lives. We know because we’ve all tried many times, failed many times, and eventually succeeded. Our hope is that the tools we offer you through MOJO Yoga will help make it a little easier for you to join us on this journey of personal transformation and living the good life. You can have some yoga at your fingertips every single day, wherever you are in the world, and make one transformation after another in your life.

We can’t wait to help you get your MOJO working!


Jean Marie

and The MOJO Yoga Team


Jean Marie Johnson | Co-Founder, President and CEO | A.K.A. Captain Maestro | E-RYT500 & YACEP

Jean Marie is a gritty yogi, frothing surfer, ever-amateur gardener, obsessive doggie mom, reluctant businesswoman, and persistent optimist. When she completed her degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of California, Berkeley, she had no idea how handy it would be for her future of creating and implementing outrageously ambitious world well-being ventures.

To date, Jean Marie is a registered yoga instructor with E-RYT500-level certification, the highest level currently certified by Yoga Alliance, the nation’s largest certifying body. She’s worked hard to co-found and boot strap a few yoga and lifestyle business iterations along the way and has finally found her happy place with MOJO Yoga. She is thrilled to bring her vision of personalized online yoga to a growing worldwide mob of students and teachers alike.

Her ultimate vision is to make MOJO a hub for all the tools one might need to create and live an ideal lifestyle first.


Scott Johnson | Co-Founder and Creative Force | A.K.A. El Catalizador

Scott began his yoga practice in 1984 as a training tool to improve as a competitive wrestler and surfer. The holistic benefits of the practice quickly surpassed the physical aspect and became the first steps on a path of creating a consciously designed lifestyle.

With a masters degree in “Picking Yourself Up and Starting Over” from the University of Hard Knocks, Scott moved to Maui with the intention of taking a “Lifestyle First” approach to achieving business success. It was there that he met Jean Marie and got some mojo working.

Scott is ever hatching new ideas to make the world a better place, while getting to surf more. If you can’t find him, check the lineup.

Jen Fry | Co-Founder

Guiding Light of Team Development

A.K.A. The Royal Guard

Teresa Wessling | Co-Founder

Anchor in Reality

A.K.A. The Connoisseur

Matt and Bella Doty | Co-Founders

Lifestyle First Actuators

A.K.A. The Secret Weapon