#FreeVideoFriday - 2 Cents on Chaturanga

Hey MOJO Mob,

This week's free treat comes to you courtesy of MOJO powerhouse, Meredith Cameron. Chaturanga Dandasana (4 Limbed Staff Pose): if you know anything about yoga you probably have some strong opinions about it. Well, Meredith has a great take on Chaturanga that's all about stability, with actionable tips you can incorporate into your practice starting right now. 

What are your 2 cents on Chaturanga? Let us know in the comments below!

Once you're done Chaturanga-ing out, head on over to mymojoyoga.com to check out Meredith's NO Chaturanga Flow, along with all her other wonderful videos (and those of the rest of our international instructor community, too)! 

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There are many schools of thought on Chaturanga and I take it pretty seriously. Here's my two cents on this transition, which I think should hold the integrity of an arm balance.