#FreeVideoFriday - Day 1 of the Yin & Yang Challenge

Happy Friday, indeed! #FreeVideoFriday is back and this one's a very special treat: Day 1 of Kassandra Reinhardt's 14 Day Yin & Yang Yoga Challenge. It's a 2 week program for a stronger, leaner, more stress-free you... Yes, please! 

This video takes us through the basics of vinyasa flows and some key modifications that are available when we need them. It's a perfect short practice for your whole body, and a great way to make sure you get your yoga in during busy or stressful times. 

So, try out Day 1 right here for free this week only, and see for yourself how lovely it is to practice with Kassandra on your own time. Then, take on the full 14 Day Challenge + BONUS 7 Day Core Challenge. The best part? We're offering 30% off this bundle with MOJO Membership! You get this beautiful challenge package plus unlimited access to Kassandra and our entire international instructor community at MOJO Yoga... Unlike a lot of things these days, this is a true win-win. :) Enjoy!

Oops, this #FreeVideoFriday has expired!
Get 30% off the full Yin & Yang Challenge + 7 Day Core bundle with your MOJO Membership!