#FreeVideoFriday - Prenatal Yoga for the 1st Trimester

Hey MOJO Mob,

For many weeks after we started our podcast, The MOJO Show, my mom thought that where said "Hey MOJO Mob" we were actually saying "Hey MOJO Moms!" ๐Ÿคฃ

Well, this week's #FreeVideoFriday is actually all about MOJO moms with Monique Ducharme-Pullen's Prenatal Yoga for the 1st Trimester. Now, this is a great video to learn about important do's and don'ts when you find yourself with child. It's also got some great, soothing practices that everyone, pregnant or not, will certainly enjoy. So check it out for free right here this week only, and thereafter get unlimited access to this and the full MOJO library with MOJO Membership!

I also want to mention that Monique has really been rocking out some great LIVE interactive classes on MOJO:

Mondays @ 6pm PST ~ Slow Flow

Wednesdays @ 6am PST ~ Sunrise Flow

Wednesday @ 6pm PST ~ Mantra, Meditation, and Flow

LIVE classes bring the studio to you: you, the teacher, and other students who join in can see, hear, and interact with each other from wherever you are in the world! The best part is, LIVE group classes are included in MOJO Membership, so you get a huge value every month over what you pay for just one studio class. 

To check out Monique's LIVE classes, just join via Monique's channel if you're not already a member, or if you have a membership already, simply login. Enjoy!

30 min

Props Recomended
2 Blocks
1 Blanket
2 Bolsters


This is the first of a (3) part series for women new to or currently practicing yoga and in their first trimester of pregnancy. Part lecture/part asana this is a guide to practicing yoga in the first 12-15 weeks of pregnancy. The do's and don'ts the should and shouldn'ts are all covered in this 30 minute practice specific to the needs of mom & baby. Practice includes safe techniques for asana and pranayama as well as lots of tips that will continue throughout the full pregnancy.

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